Laser Engraving

What is Laser Engraving?


Why is Medieval offering Laser Engraving?

As we begin the process of purchasing our laser engraver from Control Laser we want our customers to be aware of our new service. We have many years of graphic design experience and with a strong customer base in the EDC community it is only natural in our business to make this move. 

We have noticed that there are so many great makers in the EDC community and the demand is often so high that having a product truly customized can be difficult. This is the gap we want to fill. Whether it is a flashlight, fidget spinner, knuck, firearm etc. if its made of metal, polymer, plastic, etc we want to help you customize it. That being said if you have a Non-EDC item we are still more than happy to provide our laser engraving service.



If you are interested in having an item custom engraved we currently are going to have a special until the laser arrives. It will take about 2-3 months for the Laser to be built and delivered. So in the mean time to help us be up and running the first few weeks and to provide some cost savings to you we are starting a simple deal. All that is required is for you to enter your email address in the pop up. If you accidentally closed the pop up just refresh the page or use a different web browser. (If you are still unable to sign up please send us an email to and we will manually add you to the list.) This will add you to a special email list. When our machine arrives we will send out a mass email with a discount code. If you end up choosing to engrave an item with us just provide the code and the email address you sign up with below and we will deduct 20% from your first total order price. Its that simple!


Laser Engraving Examples

Some of the best examples of what can be accomplished with this state of the art laser engraving machine are from some of our friends and other makers. 

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Laser Engraving Machine:

We are purchasing a Tactical Arms Mark machine from Control Laser. In basic terms it is a 50w Fiber laser capable of surface marking, etching, and deep engraving. It also has the capability of color marking titanium and steel with the same precision as its engraving capabilities. So whether it is that yeti cup you want personalized, that SBR or gun trust engraved, or your high end flashlight customized we have you covered. 



As you think of what kind of artwork you will want to customize your items with you should familiarize yourself with "Vector" artwork. Vector artwork usually comes in these types of files (.ai, .eps, .svg). However, if you just have a drawing or a photograph we will be offering the ability to custom design your artwork or convert your images to vector files for a fee. If you would like to start looking for artwork to develop a design a good place to start would be google images. Start by typing the style design like "skulls" and then add "vector" or "vector artwork" afterwards. If you need help we are more than happy to help you through this process. 







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